Working outside of Ontario

Access to Jobs in Quebec

To find out more about working in Quebec, please download the Fact Sheet on the Ontario-Quebec Mobility Agreement (PDF).

Local 7 is affiliated with Le Conseil provincial du Québec des métiers de la construction (International). For more information visit

Reciprocal Transfer Forms

Reciprocal transfer forms are to be used by members who wish to transfer their benefits to their home fund, from a different fund. For example, if a member works in a different Local and wishes to transfer their benefits back to their home Local then the Employee Reciprocal Authorization Release Form must be completed.

If a Local 7 member works in the Province of Quebec and wishes to have their health and welfare benefits transferred back to Local 7's Welfare Trust Fund in Ontario, then the member must complete the Quebec Welfare Reciprocal form. To transfer pension benefits from the Quebec Pension Plan to the International Pension Fund or from the International Pension Fund to the Quebec Plan, then the Employee Reciprocal Authorization Release Form must be completed.

Anyone who requires assistance filling out the form or who has questions can contact Local 7 at (613) 739-5944.

Completed forms can be returned to Local 7 by e-mail ( or fax (613 739-5945) or mail (Local 7, 2100 Thurston Drive, Unit 3, Ottawa, Ontario, K1G 4K8).

Member Assistance Program

If you are a member experiencing difficulties with personal problems, the Member Assistance Plan (MAP) can provide assistance for you and your family. Call 613-742-7962 or 1-800-258-0580.


Local 7 encourages all apprentices to register for, and complete the Brick and Stone Apprenticeship Program. This is an accredited program. The program is currently three levels: basic, intermediate, and advanced.

Learn more about apprenticeship